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Booking & Rate inquiries

CORI Reports available for all performers upon request.
Archer Magic Productions  2676 Main Street  Brewster, MA 02631  617-354-3005


Please tell us a little about your event! What is the occasion, age range, and the date if you've set one?

We offer a range of Rates and Show types to fit your budget and needs.

Show options

We offer a range of Rates and Show types to fit your budget and needs.
AMAZING Birthday Show
* 45-50 minute Comedy &
Mystery Magic show

* Finale trick for the
Birthday guest of honor to
assist with!

* Appearing Bunny Rabbit
Ab aka Abracadabra!
MYSTO Birthday show
* Age appropriate 4-12

* Includes Rising MAGIC
WAND for the Birthday
Child and guests with a
live DEMO by Magician.
SUPER MYSTO Birthday Show
* Includes...
MYSTERY Stage show
* Family show ages 3-103

* Spectacular Illusions
large and small. Adults
sit back in amazement
as Kids become
Magician assistants on

* Show length 1hr - 1.5hr
including intermission for
Concession sales if you
ADULT Birthday's & Conferences
* Adults love Magic when
performed right under
their noses at parties
and events.

* Experience dazzling
Sleight of hand and
clean comedy that
happens too and in the
hands of your guests!

* Always a polite
presentation and no one
is required to help if they
would rather just watch.
* We offer Special DEALS
for multiple performers
including Magicians,
Jugglers, Balloon
Twisters, & Face

* Large outdoor, holiday,
and Corporate events.

* Create a day of Magical
memories for your
guests with our
versatile entertainers!
* A combo show for ages
12-16 only!

* Magic is cool for kids
this age but they want to
know the how and why
behind the magic.

* Without revealing ALL
the secrets he performs
then teaches some cool
tricks for them to amaze
friends and family with!
Workshops & Classes
* Richard offers one day
workshops and multiple
week classes uniquely
designed to fit your
groups needs.

* Great for Library,
Theatre, Town
Recreation, and
After School programs.
Stage & Film consultation
* Richard has been
creating amazingly
visual, spectacular, and
uncanny Special effects
for 20 years.

* Utilizing his expertise in
multiple crafts including
Illusions, Staging, and
Professional Theatre
training he can design,
fabricate, and train
actors and crew for your

* His custom effects are
created for your Stage
Play or Event only.They
will help sell tickets and
won't be seen elsewhere!
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Video Slides

Amazing Richard in action.

Richard Archer

aka The Amazing Richard